John Quigley

John QuigleyJohn Quigley is an environmental educator and artist whose human aerial art images for peace, social justice and the environment have appeared in publications and media outlets around the world. He made national headlines in 2002 when he lived in a historic Santa Clarita Valley oak for 71 days to spare it from the bulldozer. Resulting from his peaceful action, Old Glory - as the Stevenson Ranch oak was dubbed - was eventually moved to a site a quarter of a mile away.


Using people as his medium Quigley's living-art embodies the notion of collective action - hundreds of people coming together to spread a message which lingers in our memory. Quigley's aerial art images have included such messages as "Arctic Warning", "Engangered Freedoms" and "Stop Climate Chaos."

In 2006, John peacefully fought to save the South Central Farm from development along with activists Julia Butterfly Hill, Daryl Hannah, and Joan Baez.

I had the pleasure of spending weeks with John Quigley during the struggle to save South Central Farms.

It is in times like these when the very best in people comes out - when they are standing up for what they believe in the face of immense resistance. John is an experienced tree sitter, a maestro of the technique of climbing high into a tree and living there without budging as a way of protecting a threatened ecosystem. He has a deep sense of spirituality and a warm, rounding presence that is invaluable during the often high stress moments of direct action. He believes in the critical importance of stepping into our highest self when standing up for the earth, of rooting out actions in a deep sense of morality and acting from principals and convictions, not anger or divisiveness.

It was wonderful to get to know him and to share those precious weeks at South Central Farms.

~ Velcrow Ripper